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About Us

Hey! We are the founders of SweetFuzzies, the Cyprus's first real grass, soil free dog potty for city dogs.

We are also a firm believers that the world does not need more products - what it does need is better solutions to existing problems.

SweetFuzzies was created when the idea came to find an easy indoor dog toilet solution for our chihuahua puppy. We experienced it all: busy work schedule, cold mornings and evenings, rain and heat, puppy vaccination shots...

The only solution, at the time, was the dog pee pads. And, while this tactic has worked, it was not the right solution for us or our dog. Placed on the balcony, pee pads ended up flying off, in the house - carpets mistaken for pee pads. Furthermore, they are made of plastic, causing a huge burden on the environment because they do not break down well in landfills (it can take 500 years to break down).

Our indoor dog real grass pee pads provide a fresh alternative to a plastic pee pads that your dog will love. At every step we balanced quality, sustainability, function and design.

We have already offset over 1,000 single use plastic pee pads and we are only just getting started.